Dear Members and Friends of the DOC,

It is time once again for my annual state of the order and membership renewal letter. I trust that this letter finds most of you physically well and all of you much blessed. If you are among those who are struggling with physical ailments or with the loss of a job and the like, I pray that the Lord will meet your needs.

The past year has been a good one for the DOC in spite of some bumps along the road. As most of you know, the DOC has been serving the cause of Christ in the area of spiritual formation for sixty-five years.

We never have been a very large movement, but those of us who have had the privilege of meeting and knowing DOC people from across the country, have been profoundly blessed by the experience. I would encourage all who are able to attend a retreat this year to do so, especially if you never been to one, or if it has been several years since you attended. The fellowship alone is worth the time and expense. And this year we are offering a special opportunity that we offer only once every five years, namely, a national retreat.

65th Anniversary National DOC Retreat

The 65th Anniversary National DOC Retreat will take place at Caraway Conference Retreat Center near Asheboro, NC July 14-18, 2010. A brochure giving all the details may already have been mailed to you. The most important thing to notice is that to guarantee a room at Caraway, registrations must be in by March 15. We realize this is very early, but it is a requirement of the conference center and is out of our control.

The DOC Web Site

The DOC web site ( is available to all for a variety of purposes. I especially encourage you to visit the “Prayer Garden” on the site, where you directly can post prayer requests and praise notes. Thus your concerns can reach DOC prayer warriors across the country, and you can pray for those who have posted requests.

There are several series of essays (topical and Bible studies) on the site. I try to post something every week. The series currently being posted on the site is a study of the Gospel of Luke. The others are archived and are available with a click or two of your mouse. You may wish to check them out. You are invited to respond to the essays (you can comment on any of them by clicking on the “comments” link).

There also is a location on the site called the “Sharing Corner” which allows you to share devotional thoughts, poems, testimonies, insightful essays, sermons, etc. You may even propose and write a series of your own. Simply e-mail whatever you want published to me, the editor (, and I will post it for you.


You will find enclosed a 2010 national budget of $17,020. The national board has done everything in its power to reduce our costs; but as you can see, to meet this budget, we will have to withdraw a little over $6,000 from the trust fund.

We recognize that these are tough economic times, and we do not expect anyone to contribute what they do not have. Indeed we always have had a policy that a contribution is not necessary for membership if a person cannot afford to make one. If you are able to contribute more than the $50 per person membership, it will help us immensely.

Renewing or Beginning Your Membership

Since membership in the order is renewed annually, this letter, in addition to informing you about the state of the DOC, also affords you an opportunity to renew or begin your membership. Many of us renewed our memberships at a retreat or by mail sometime during 2009, but for those of you who did not do that, we invite you to do so this month by return mail. Again, membership is $50 per person. We welcome contributions from persons who want to support us, but are not ready for membership. A DOC commitment card and envelope are enclosed for your convenience in renewing and/or contributing now by return mail.

Sincerely in Christ,
Robert (Bob) Moore, President