For 60 years, many people have found what they are searching for in the DOC, a Christ-centered spiritual movement. The letters DOC stand for the “Disciplined Order of Christ”, words that sound pretty imposing when you first hear them. But this organization is made up of ordinary people who are interested in growing in the mind and spirit of Christ. “If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation.” (II Corinthians 5:17)

DOC people regularly read the Bible and other good books, practice prayer and meditation, and try to live in a way that will promote awareness of God and other people.

Members of the Disciplined Order of Christ humbly try to develop a balance between body, mind, and spirit. They join together in fellowship to encourage each other to follow a Christian life based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Also, DOC attempts to keep a creative balance between the inward and the outward journey.

In many areas, small groups of like-minded persons meet for prayer, study, and sharing. The people in the DOC also meet together in retreat settings, where they can experience longer periods of sharing and a richer exploration of their spiritual interests. They hear challenging speakers who offer guidance on important topics. They sing, laugh, and eat together and return home refreshed and renewed.

Who We Are

The DOC frees people to grow in the mind of Christ. Rather than a select association of those who claim that they have arrived at spiritual maturity, the Disciplined Order of Christ joins people together in a pilgrimage of those who are earnestly on the way. They recognize that all persons are created by God and are therefore worthy of Christ’s love.

Diverse educational, cultural and religious backgrounds join persons together in DOC. They discover their common ground in the spirit of Christ. Some are ordained ministers, but most are lay members of their churches.

As a part of the whole body of the church, persons in the DOC seek to help the church become more effective in proclaiming the kingdom of God in the world.

Who We Try To Be

DOC helps people taste and see the glory of God in worship of their creator. DOC members find themselves uplifted, beyond all they can ask or think.

Simply by opening themselves to God’s gracious ways, members of the Disciplined Order of Christ experience the transformation of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and then go to share the good news of the Christian faith with others, and to minister to their needs. Won’t you join us, as we respond to the invitation of Christ?

When he says, “Come, follow me,” you can come along, too!