In DOC founder Albert Edward Day’s seminal book, Discipline and Discovery, he provides practical, daily suggestions for developing the scriptural disciplines of:

  • obedience
  • simplicity
  • humility
  • frugality
  • generosity
  • truthfulness
  • purity
  • charity

Aware that all persons fall short of their ideals, the DOC further recommends the following disciplines which its members seek to practice.

  • The Discipline of Private Prayer – daily engaging in Biblical and spiritual reading, meditation and prayer.
  • The Discipline of Personal Commitment – a life that emphasizes the above scriptural disciplines as positive means of minimizing selfish desires and promoting better awareness of God and other persons.
  • The Discipline of Small Group Fellowship – meeting regularly for prayer and sharing.
  • The Discipline of Active Church Participation – personal involvement in the life and ministry of a local congregation.
  • The Discipline of Witness and Service – creative effort to share the good news of the Christian faith and to minister to the needs of others.
  • The Discipline of Stewardship – response to God’s gracious gifts by responsible use of these gifts in support of worthy ministries and by loyal support of the DOC including annual renewal of the membership commitment.
  • The Discipline of Ecumenical Fellowship – recognition that all persons are created by God and are therefore worthy of Christ’s love.