We invite you to join an ecumenical fellowship of persons who affirm DOC purposes and disciplines. DOC makes no distinction of race, class, gender or denominational affiliations.

Steps for Joining

  1. Affirm the seven disciplines, knowing these are not ends in themselves, rather ways to nurture Christian maturity and joyous freedom in Christ.
  2. Mail your membership application to the National Office, PO Box 3681, Florence, SC 29502-3681.
    1. The $50 minimum suggested membership fee covers a subscription to the bimonthly New Life News, lapel pin and other items.
    2. Membership is in the National DOC movement.
    3. Each member is related to a DOC geographic region and is encouraged to attend regional retreats.
  3. Renew your personal commitment to DOC each calendar year. Each member is encouraged to give financial support each year above and beyond the minimum membership fee.