Having prayerfully considered the purposes and disciplines of the Disciplined Order of Christ, I desire to affirm the following:

I AM AWARE of the futility of my life when it is centered in myself rather than in God;

I AM CONSCIOUS of the many people whose lives have been made peaceful, purposeful, creative, and constructive through communion with God as revealed in Christ:

I AM LONGING for maturity of life in Christ as I become all that God is calling me to be;

I NOW REDEDICATE MYSELF to Jesus Christ as Lord in all my daily attitudes and action.

I COVENANT to observe the spiritual disciplines recommended by the Disciplined Order of Christ, welcoming close companionship and mutual help of other like minded pilgrims along the way.

I AM CONVINCED that the fuller realization of the Kingdom of God depends upon the transformation that the Holy Spirit can accomplish in individual persons and through persons in all of society.

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We invite you to print a copy of this Commitment statement, sign it, and send it with your $50 suggested minimum membership fee to the Disciplined Order of Christ, PO Box 3681, Florence, SC 29502-3681. Welcome to the DOC!