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Join us on a journey of joy & encouragement

July 11-15, 2018


Caraway Conference Center, Sophia, NC

Retreat Leaders


Rev. Dr. Robert (Bob) Tuttle was born in North Carolina, the son of a United Methodist minister. After his undergraduate degree at Duke University, he then completed graduate degrees at Garrett‐Evangelical Theological Seminary and the Wheaton Graduate School of Theology before completing the Ph.D. degree from Trinity College at the University of Bristol in England.

Bob then served churches in North Carolina and Colorado before beginning his teaching career at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Since that time Bob has taught at the Oral Roberts Graduate School of Theology, Garrett‐Evangelical Theological Seminary and Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky before moving to the Asbury Dunnam Campus (Orlando, Florida) in 2000.

Though recently retired and serving as Emeritus Professor of World Christianity, Bob still spends much of his time teaching and writing and going out once a month to teach and preach at conferences, universities, and local churches across the globe. He has preached and/or taught in nearly every state in the US and in over 60 countries worldwide.

Bob is committed to Christ and Church. His understanding of the Christian faith has led him to a ministry of sharing the good news of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit available through personal faith in Him.

Bob has published over a dozen books over the years and chapters in half a dozen more. He has a book entitled, The Story of Evangelism, A History of the Witness of the Gospel (Abingdon Press, 2006) and recently finished a biography of E. Stanley Jones. His book, Shortening the Leap, From Honest Doubt to Enduring Faith (Bristol House) has been used among study groups worldwide and is available for download here.

Bob and his wife, Dianne, have homes near Asheville, NC and Vero Beach, FL where they enjoy entertaining, gardening, fishing, and visiting with family

Elizabeth (Betsey) Mulloy, a native Texan, received a BA from Stephens College and an MA in English Literature from the University of Missouri where she also taught. Moving to the Washington, DC area in 1972, she freelanced for the federal government, the American Institute of Architects, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, writing a history of the Trust and co‐authoring America’s Forgotten Architecture.

Although she had grown up in church, Betsey recommitted her life to Jesus Christ in 1973; she began serious study of the Bible, and soon after began teaching the Bible. Her articles have appeared in Today’s Christian Woman, the Catholic Digest, and The Hidden Hand of God, a Guidepost anthology. Her book, Your Secret Name (Chosen 1988), encourages readers to acquire their true identities from God rather than from the culture around them. Divine Love Song: Discovering God’s Passion for You in the Song of Solomon, was published by Baker House in 2003.

For more than 40 years Betsey has led retreats and seminars for many denominations in the United States, Latin America, Africa and the UK. She and her husband Michael have two grown girls. Betsey also enjoys painting and composing.

Worship Leader

Jim and Sheila Todd are DOC members who have served as our worship leaders in four previous retreats. In 2013 they also served as the morning speakers teaching retreat attendees about worship through music.

Jim and Sheila gave their hearts to Jesus when they were small children. They met in music school and began ministering together during their dating days over 55 years ago. They both sing, play various instruments and have been active as professional musicians, clinicians and teachers. They have served together as ministers of music in both large and small churches for many years and in retirement continue to lead worship for small groups and substitute for other worship leaders when requested.


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Session handouts from the presentation by Dr. Kevin Kinghorn of Asbury Theological Seminary during the 2016 Southeast Region DOC Annual Retreat at Caraway Conference Center, Sophia NC.

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